‘seeing thoughts in repeat’

los angeles based artist megan geckler works primarily in between what we usually consider the worlds of art and design. her installation pieces are drawings in space crafted from flagging tape, a colorful plastic ribbon, heavily produced as a construction material and ubiquitously used all over the world. she layers and strings patterns of these stripes creating a secondary layer of architecture and are defined only by how their face interacts with our existing understanding of the environment they reside in.

the brightly plasticized nature of the material adds an interesting production value and transforms the space almost into a living advertisement. the forms seem solid and fold around the architecture, achieved by weaving layers and intensive color studies that play with light and the translucent appearance of the tape.

megan geckler: seeing thoughts in repeat the forms create their own volume through the manipulation of layering light

geckler’s latest work installed in the space 15 twenty located in the lobby of an urban outfitters in hollywood california. facing the street in the main windows.

megan geckler: seeing thoughts in repeat

megan geckler: seeing thoughts in repeat detail of ribbons

Megan Geckler “Seeing thoughts in repeat”, ©2011 from Megan Geckler on Vimeo.