surreal scenes show melting cars disappear into suburban streets
all images courtesy of luminous creative imaging




distorting the viewer’s perception of reality, a digital design studio has brought together a mix of original photographic material and CGI techniques for the making of the ‘melting cars’ series. first shot by photographer maarten de groot and later manipulated in post-production by luminous creative imaging (while working at souverein), the compositions depict a sequence of surreal scenes where vehicles suddenly liquify into the asphalt below. drivers and passengers making their way through suburban streets look on in disbelief as their cars slowly soften into the earth. sparkling paint forms oozing puddles of molten metal, cascading off each of the four vehicles — one silver, blue, purple, and red — in huge sheets. 

molten metal drips on the asphalt below 

drivers and passengers look on in disbelief at the scene that surrounds them 

huge globs of paint melt into the ground 

sparkling pigment pours slowly off the base of the car 

the car’s purple exterior slides off in huge sheets 

a red car stops dead in its tracks after being overtaken by a sudden heat wave

headlights are liquified and slide off the face of the car