michał kulesza builds LEGO butter, beer and beards from toy bricks  
all images courtesy of michał kulesza




this week on designboom, LEGO has been a popular medium for artists and designers. laird kay and raymond girard critiqued the artificial architecture of modern megacities with ‘LEGO city’, making a miniature metropolis from carefully stacked building blocks. 


in bialystok, poland, graphic designer michał kulesza imagines life’s simple pleasures, ordinary objects and everyday scenes suddenly consumed by colorful toy bricks. kulesza envisions food, gadgets and garments transformed by LEGO building blocks, conceptualizing scenarios where eggs, sushi, butter and bananas are turned into inedible, stackable objects. the playful scenes minimally capture the sense of childhood, whimsy and imagination embodied by LEGO bricks, forming an alternate reality where our ordinary environment can unexpectedly switch into a surreal and wonderful world. 

michał kulesza LEGO
the artist opens an orange to find toy bricks inside 

michał kulesza LEGO
the usually undefined perimeter of a fried egg is turned into a geometric shape by LEGOs

michał kulesza LEGO
the artist holds a piece of square lego sushi in a pair of chopsticks 

michał kulesza LEGO
peeling open a banana reveals a yellow LEGO mass 

michał kulesza LEGO
the inside of a doughnut pours out red building blocks rather than jelly 

michał kulesza LEGO
michał kulesza pulls LEGO pickle from a jar 

a glass is filled with yellow and white bricks, mimicking the colors of poured beer

as the artist grates a block of cheese, colorful toy bricks are shaved into a bowl 

black toy bricks take the place of hair falling from the artist’s shaven face 

a pair of slippers are turned into an uncomfortable set of LEGO shoes