miguel chevalier brings his latest generative and interactive virtual-reality installation to milan, presented within the city’s unicredit pavilion. as part of the exhibition ‘onde pixel – lo sguardo di… miguel chevalier’ — running from now through august, 28, 2016
 — the monumental artwork offers a dialogue between a selection of the french creative’s catalog of creations and unicredit’s own collection. 



video © claude mossessian



among the works presented at the unicredit pavilion, the star is ‘onde pixel’ — a huge carpet of light spanning 20 square meters that fills the floor. the interactive installation comprises an ever-changing sequence of multicolored graphic scenes and symbolic motifs sourced from the digital universe. for this site-specific work, chevalier has created new patterns inspired by abstract and kinetic artworks from unicredit’s collection — including works by enrico castellani and victor vasarely. these graphic scenes, composed of thousands shapes, create wave-like effects that undulate on the floor, as music by composer jacopo baboni schilingi plays in the surrounding atmosphere.




sensors allow the work to react to the motion of visitors. movements amplify the distortions of virtual scenes beneath viewers’ feet and influence the generative music. patterns blend together to create surprising new graphics, while trompe l’oeil effects create the sensation of a moving floor.












project info:


music: jacopo baboni schilingi
type: generative and interactive virtual-reality installation
exhibition: onde pixel – lo sguardo di… miguel chevalier, unicredit pavilion, milano (italy)
software: cyrille henry / antoine villeret
technical production: voxels productions