miguel vallinas fashions animals in apparel to reflect their human nature
(above) ‘retrato número 57’
all images courtesy of miguel vallinas




humans can assume a panorama of personalities within our reach, whether imposed or adopted based on environmental context. through photography, artist miguel vallinas documents these varied personas and the intimate internal characters we take on, based on the circumstances surrounding.


as a follow up to the series ‘skins‘, where he captured portraits of the same man doing different kinds of work, vallinas continues with ‘second skins’, which similarly reflects individual choices, but uses animals, rather than humans as the project’s protagonists. the fashionably dressed animals present their personalities through the clothing they choose to wear. each of the species’ digitally crafted wardrobes reflect their identity and charm, and affect the way the viewer perceives their character — a majestic horse dons an elegant blazer and scarf; a sweet-faced lamb cozies up in a knitted sweater; and a fiery cheetah wears a lively patterned top. ‘while the name used as the collection title specifies the order in the series, in reality it is more than an answer to a sequence,’ vallinas says. ‘it is word game – second skins suggests options, possibilities and ultimately choices.’

‘retrato número 56’

‘retrato número 55’

‘retrato número 49’

‘retrato número 53’

‘retrato número 28’

‘retrato número 52’

‘retrato número 48’

‘retrato número 44’

‘retrato número 40’

‘retrato número 32’