one must open up one of zhihui’s miniature pop-up books delicately. on the inside, a clock, no larger than a droplet of water, rests on the wall. you wouldn’t want to knock it over. another book opens up to a bathroom scene with a picture frame resting over the tub. the painting inside that frame is even daintier — with individual brushstrokes the size of fingerprint-ridges. yes, the more meticulous and tiny the project, the more whimsical these gorgeous books seem to be. thankfully, their careful creator has them up for sale, sharing a bit of their pint-sized wonders with us.

miniature pop-up books
all images courtesy of zhihui



‘live simply, enjoy happily,’  says artist zhihui, on their instagram account. the quote fits well next to these intricate little handmade creations. something so simple that sparks so much happiness could only be created with love and patience. the wisdom of a book and the comforts of home collide beautifully in these origamic stories, available for purchase on the artist’s etsy.

miniature pop-up books miniature pop-up books miniature pop-up books miniature pop-up books


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