moment factory leads visitors on a nocturnal trail through an enchanted forest
all images courtesy of moment factory




montreal-based moment factory has transformed the parc de la gorge de coaticook in québec into an enchanted forest, inviting visitors to the vast woodlands on a nocturnal walk along a magical trail.foresta lumina‘ comprises a 2 km pathway winding through the trees, with bewitched characters (drawn from the area’s myths and legends), colorful illuminated installations and mysterious glowing plant life situated along the way. the scenography, which unites visual projections and lighting, is accompanied by an ethereal soundtrack, fully absorbing participants to the park in a multisensory experience. entirely custom-made, the immersive space is made up of various graphics and props that create the appearance of an all-encompassing sense of magic: perforated metal panels resemble ancient manuscripts, lighting units look like fluttering fairies, and video mapping on natural elements are integrated into the surroundings.


our friends over at VICE + intel’s the creators project took a behind-the-scenes tour of moment factory’s multi-sensory experience, detailing the making-of ‘foresta lumina’. take a look at the in-depth video they’ve put together below.


a real-life enchanted forest | moment factory’s foresta lumina
video courtesy of the creators project


moment factory enchanted forest
lighting installations illuminate the thick brush of trees within the forest, meant to look like a lightening storm

moment factory enchanted forest
a mysterious sense of enchantment spreads throughout the natural park in quebec

moment factory enchanted forest
colorful illumination creates a sense of charm and fantasy for visitors to the park

moment factory enchanted forest
the region’s fictitious heritage and forest mythology provides the backdrop for the installation