an invitation to dream at milano centrale railway station


Apparel and lifestyle luxury brand Moncler is landing at Milano Centrale Railway Station with a large-scale and immersive public exhibition, on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2024. Curated by Jefferson Hack, An Invitation To Dream illustrates Moncler’s mission to spark boldness in intrepid explorers, pushing them to reach the highest peaks and accomplish their dreams. Still today, dreaming remains a driving force behind the brand’s creative power, guiding a journey that continuously pushes beyond any convention. The exhibition will run from April 15-21, 2024, after which the story will extend as part of a global campaign to bring An Invitation To Dream to a worldwide audience.

moncler an invitation to dream
all images courtesy Moncler



moncler highlights extraordinary minds shaping culture today


Ignited by the Moncler vision, curator Jefferson Hack joins forces with filmer and photographer Jack Davison to launch An Invitation To Dream at Milano Centrale Railway Station — asking some of the most extraordinary minds shaping culture today to inspire us, or even help us, to dream as they do. The exhibition features Daniel Arsham, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Isamaya Ffrench, Laila Gohar, Jeremy O. Harris, Francesca Hayward, Julianknxx, Ruth Rogers, Remo Ruffini, Rina Sawayama, Sumayya Vally and Zaya. ‘The curated community represents some of the finest creative visionaries across culture who dare to dream for us,’ says Hack. ‘They are today’s reality-shapers, and they were invited to participate as their work carries with it new hopes and possibilities.’

moncler an invitation to dream
An Invation To Dream will take over Milano Centrale



As part of his curatorial practice of hijacking public spaces, all the billboard and screen-based advertising sites in the train station will be re-wired to create a Dreamscape: a new landscape of images and quotations from visionaries, where large-scale text pieces and slow-motion portraits soar above the noise of the station as powerful, silent invocations, inspiring the public to dream. The exhibition of handprinted lithographic prints by Jack Davison grounds the experience with the idea of slowing down time, capturing intimacy, and conveying the humanity of the subject – all instrumental in setting the intention of this project. In one of the city’s busiest travel hubs, where an average of 300,000 people converge daily, the project evolves from an observational art piece to a dialogue, in conversation with all who pass through the space, and lasting long after they have left. 

moncler honors visionaries in large-scale public exhibition at milan design week
An Invitation To Dream by Moncler will run between April 15-21, 2024

moncler honors visionaries in large-scale public exhibition at milan design week
portrait of Julianknxx


project info:


name: An Invitation To Dream

brand: Moncler | @moncler

location: Milano Centrale Railway Station 

curator: Jefferson Hack | @jeffersonhack

filmmaker and photograher: Jack Davison | @jackdavisonphoto

program: Milan Design Week 2024

viewing dates: April 15-21, 2024