designer turns mondrian painting into a playable pong game
image courtesy of b3ta




in response to a brief set by online creative community b3ta to ‘turn famous works of art into video games’, a member submitted a short gif illustrating an imagined sport called ‘pongdrian’. upon seeing the animation, designer and programmer kristiana hansen decided to actualize the idea, turning the moving image into a playable computer game.


‘mondripong 1.2’ — playable here — brings together piet mondrian’s primary color palette and geometric lines with one of the oldest virtual arcade games. hansen has modeled the size and position of the elements after the original animated gif, above, but colored the paddles in blue and red for opposing teams, and the pink pong ball yellow. in future versions, the designer intends to improve collision detection, make the game controllable on a phone or tablet, and add a responsive layout so it can adapt to smaller screens.


h/t [boingboing