dutch artist florentijn hofman has set his latest, super-scale sculpture ‘moon rabit’ daydreaming towards the sky, inviting those passing by the taiwanese taoyuan military base to share in a sense of fantasy and imagination. the huge white bunny lounges lazily on the grassy arch of a former bunker, with outstretched arms and floppy ears resting comfortably in the landscape. made from overlapping sheets of paper, wood and styrofoam, the crafty critter embodies hofman’s use of everyday material as an artistic medium.

moon rabbit florentijn hofman
outstretched arms and floppy ears rest comfortably in the landscape
all images courtesy of blue dragon art company



‘the legend of chang-e and jade rabbit enchanted and inspired me to make the work‘ explains hofman‘the moon rabbit is laying against the bunker, dreaming and thinking about life and dreaming the impossible possible and creating it’s own true stories.’

moon rabbit florentijn hofman
paper, wood and styrofoam make up the bunny’s form

moon rabbit florentijn hofman
overlooking the countryside

moon rabbit florentijn hofman
the rabbit rests on a former military bunker

moon rabbit florentijn hofman
placed within the context of the military base’s existing architecture

moon rabbit florentijn hofman
‘moon rabbit’ faces the sky

florentijn hofman sets moon rabbit towards the sky in taiwan
at home, under the moon