‘axonometric array’ by ron van der ende, 2008




cassette tape culture is always on our radar, as evidenced by our interest in finnish artist sami havia’s old cassette tape paintings of famous record covers. never satisfied, we have found two more examples of the vintage medium being used in art. the first is the work of dutch artist ron van der ende, who recently created a special installation for worm rotterdam. the bas-relief piece named ‘axonometric array’ is made completely of reclaimed wood and despite its appearance is only a few centimetres deep. our other new find is a series of portraits by the flickr user iri5 titled ‘ghost in the machine’. each piece consists of an old cassette tape that’s ribbon has been removed to create a likeness of a well-known musician. from jimi hendrix to jim morrison, each piece brings the tape’s music to life through the ribbon portrait.

http://www.artbbq.nl/ron http://www.flickr.com/photos/iri5




more cassette tape art jimi hendrix & jim morrison by iri5




more cassette tape art ian brown by iri5