cups filled with neon liquid, blended from glowsticks, used in the ‘mundo neón’ performative installation and video advertisement

multiple blenders, pounds of glowsticks, 700 glasses, and 200 meters of hose were used to create ‘mundo neón’, a performative installation designed by colombian company bon yurt to promote its ‘neon’ line of yogurts.

separated by colour, the glowsticks were blended together to create a neon liquid, which was pumped through plastic hoses that were held and affixed to walls of the gallery, creating electric-like designs. stop motion footage of the project envisions the floor, covered with glasses of the substance, as a kind of audio equalizer that beats in time with the DJ who performed in the space.

the ‘mundo neón’ video

mundo neon glowstick installation an artist paints along the walls

mundo neon glowstick installation glowsticks were separated by colour to create neon paint

mundo neon glowstick installation the blenders are attached to plastic hosing that runs through the gallery

mundo neon glowstick installation top: fisheye view of the completed space in the dark, as seen from above the DJ booth; below: the incompleted space during the preparation stage

via colossal