artist nancy blum graces the platform walls of new york’s 28th street station with botanical glass mosaic murals. entitled ROAMING UNDERFOOT, the subway flower mosaic celebrates the historic station with the depiction of seven flowering plants sourced from the nearby madison square park conservancy’s perennial collection. blum renders such flowering species as red buds, magnolias, hellebores, witch hazel, daffodils, hydrangea and camellia. each of the blooming plants serve as a representation of those species which are known to withstand the changing climate conditions of the city.

subway flower mosaic
all images courtesy of metropolitan transportation authority of the state of new york



similar to an ever changing garden, nancy blum’s ROAMING UNDERFOOT introduces a bucolic atmosphere to enjoy during every season. working with MTA arts & design, the artist’s intent was to capture some the spirit of the nearby park, widely regarded as an urban sanctuary of the city, while enhancing the underground station environment for transit riders. nancy blum is known for her beautiful floral studies that manifest in works of astonishing detail, transforming the study of botany into vibrant and expressive statements of art.

subway flower mosaic subway flower mosaic subway flower mosaic subway flower mosaic subway flower mosaic subway flower mosaic