NASA’s exoplanet travel series visualizes kepler telescope discoveries
images courtesy of NASA/jet propulsion lab-caltech




NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory have created a three-part poster series named ‘exoplanet travel’, which visualize habitable planets that were recently discovered by the kepler telescope. one such artwork, ‘where the grass is always redder on the other side’, represents kepler-186f which is the first earth-sized celestial body to be exposed in the potential ‘habitable zone’ around another star. its sun is much cooler and redder than ours meaning if plant life does exist, then its red-wavelength photons photosynthesis could make for a color palette that is very different than the green on our globe.

dual-sun artwork named ‘where your shadow always has company’




drawing influence from luke skywalker’s exoplant, tatooine, from the star wars movies, the poster called ‘where your shadow always has company’, pictures kepler-16b orbiting two suns. unsure whether the surface is made up of a rocky substance or from gas, the giant extraterrestrial planet could be much like saturn.

‘experience the gravity of a super earth’ poster




depicting the planet, HD 40307g, which is twice as big in volume as the earth, the ‘experience the gravity of a super earth’ creation focuses on its gravitational pull. scientists are yet to determine whether it has a rocky surface or one that is buried below thick layers of gas or ice, but with eight times the mass of our world, it is known that the exoplanet’s force is much greater than earth’s.