like the strokes of paintbrush suspended in mid-air, ‘QUO’ by spanish studio NastPlas uses digital renderings to imagine a series of floating oil paintings in three dimensional form. patchwork quilts of pigment and texture, the collages of color subtly delineate the outlines of brows and lips, cheeks and jawlines, resulting in a collection of tactile images that leave the viewer desperate to reach out and touch. 

all images © NastPlas, courtesy of the artist



‘in this work we have tried to give a new interpretation to the oil painting by creating three dimensional strokes’, explains NastPlas. included in the collection is a series of human heads perceived from a number of different angles, as well as the head of horse, each captured in muted tones of paint that lend the images a tactility and expressive physicality. ‘this technique allows viewers to visualize the work in a three dimensional space and to explore each stroke with a different feeling,’ continues the studio. upon first glance the faces are not always readily discernible, but upon closer inspection, the separate visual elements of the composition come together to create a looming visage that emerges from the shadows.