‘mr bones’ LEGO sculpture by nathan sawaya

new york-based LEGO artist nathan sawaya has conceived ‘mr. bones’, a skeleton dressing himself in a skin of blue LEGO. the sculpture was in response to a charity event run by kiehl’s apothecary, which requested famous artists, singers and comedians such as alicia keys, zach galifianakis, terry richardson, padma lakshmi and kenny scharf to re-imagine the iconic kiehl’s bag of bones mascot within their artistic discipline for the company’s global program ‘meet mr. bones‘.

the company donated US200,000 to causes chosen by the famous names, sawaya chose the thea foundation, an organization which advocates the importance of art in the development of youth. to answer the brief, sawaya prepared his interpretation of the bony figure as a character building himself a LEGO epidermis around him – informed by the kiehl’s skin-care products.

nathan sawaya: mr. bones LEGO sculpture‘mr. bones’ appears to be building himself a skin from blue LEGO

nathan sawaya: mr. bones LEGO sculpture nathan sawaya with ‘mr. bones’

nathan sawaya: mr. bones LEGO sculpture the artist building the sculpture

nathan sawaya: mr. bones LEGO sculpture

a video with the artist describing the ‘mr. bones’ project