neomam teamed up with expedia to put together a list-acle — the most scenic drives in america — and as always, they put a trendy twist on the project, presenting each highway in a retro, 8-bit pixel art style that you’d see in an arcade. the nostalgia multiplies if you have loose quarters in your pocket, or if you’ve actually driven the pacific coast highway. if you haven’t, be careful watching these videos. the pixelated ghost of FOMO may just consume you into renting a car. 


big sur, pacific coast highway, california

all videos courtesy of neomam and expedia



in the original story posted on expedia’s website, neomam’s videos juxtapose colorful descriptions of the five featured roads. in summary: for moss and mist drive the olympic peninsula loop; for waterfalls and woodlands see the historic colmbia highway; for wildflowers and perfect weather see california’s big sur on the pacific coast highway; for mountains on mountains on mountains drive colorado’s million dollar highway and for dry, panoramic planes, take arizona’s route 89A


million dollar highway, colorado


route 89A, arizona


olympic peninsula loop, washington state


historic columbia highway, oregon



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client: expedia

content creators: neomam