intricate cut leaf art from lorenzo duran
all images courtesy of lorenzo duran




spanish artist lorenzo duran intricately cuts tiny patterns, designs and imagery out of collected leaves from where he resides. using a surgical scalpel and a dental pointed devise, which he determined was best for cutting and removing the small segments, duran creates miniature art pieces out of materials found in the natural world. his newest work is an introspective collection of leaves that include cut-out imagery referencing human body parts, faces, and patterns found in nature. you can see a collection of his previous work, where he cut tiny animals and complex geometric patterns out of his leaf canvas, in designboom’s coverage here.



new intricate cut leaf art by lorenzo duran
‘amigas para siempre’, one of lorenzo duran’s newest leaf art works



new intricate cut leaf art by lorenzo duran



new intricate cut leaf art by lorenzo duran
‘stargate’ (left), ‘perdon’ (right): the artist’s leaf art features highly intricate patterns and styling


 new intricate cut leaf art by lorenzo duran
‘rama I’ (left), ‘serpiente II’ (right)