news knitter is a data visualization project created by ebru kurbak and mahir m. yavuz. the project sees information gathered from the daily political news transformed into clothing. live news from the internet that is broadcast within a particular period is analyzed, filtered and converted into a unique visual pattern for a knitted sweater.

news via your sweater 1. gathering periodic news, analysis and pattern generation, 3.knitting procedure, 4.a news knitter sweater

the system is made up of of two different types of software, one receives the content from live feeds and other changes it into visual patterns, then a fully computerized flat knitting machine produces the final output.

news via your sweater

every sweater produced by news knitter is the result of a specific day or period.

news via your sweater

news knitter will be presented at the seamless fashion show in boston at this end of the month. more info and images here

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