nick meek photographs costa rica covered in flower petals for sony
all images courtesy of nick meek





worldwide advertising agency mccann has commissioned photographer nick meek to visualize the images for the campaign of sony‘s new 4k TV, a monitor which promises four times the detail of full high definition. the team flew to the colorful tropics of costa rica, where they collected thousands of lush, vibrant botanical life — like multicolored flower petals and leaves — for more than two weeks. these materials would become the fundamental medium for the project: to illustrate the excellence in focus, the petals were blown and exploded throughout the island landscape, whirled through the prismatic suburban streets, blasted out from a neighboring volcano, and blanketed on a pathway where a young skateboarder drifts past. the detailed vistas, which describe the extreme caliber of sony’s new device, are so sharp and clear that the viewer is immediately enveloped in the hyper-realism.

nick meek photographs flower petals in HD
flower petals exploding from a volcano in costa rica


a closer detail of the same image

nick meek photographs flower petals in HD
thousands of flower petals are situated on the ground where a skateboarder rides

nick meek photographs flower petals in HD
red petals blown near a lush green landscape


a closer detail of the same photograph


sony 4k – four times the detail
video courtesy of sonyuk