‘no anorexia’ the new nolita campaign realised by oliviero toscani for the fashion brand of the flash&partners group, from italy leaves no room for doubt. the subject chosen to convey this message, in particular for young women who follow fashion, is that of a young girl who has fallen victim to the sickness which along with bulimia, affects as many as two million people in italy alone.

toscani has literally laid his subject bare, to show the reality of this sickness to all through this naked body, a sickness that in most cases is caused by the stereotypes imposed on women by the fashion world.

‘I’ve been looking into the problem of anorexia for two years. who’s responsible? communication in general?
television? fashion? so it’s very interesting that in the end a fashion company has understood the importance of
the problem, and with full awareness has found the coverage to take the risk that this campaign involves.’.
oliviero toscani

no anorexia by oliviero toscani for nolita

and as fashion is involved in this plague of modern times the campaign will involve maxi bill-posting in many towns and cities throughout italy, as well asbeing printed inside all the major italian newspapers (today the ad was splashed across two pages of the italian newspaper la repubblica) during the milan fashion week.

the ‘no anorexia – nolita’ campaign has been backed by the italian ministery of health. minister livia turco says: ‘the theme of anorexia is certainly a great cause of concern for the health of younger generations, a subject that we will give due attention to… an initiative like this can effectively open an original an priveleged communications channel with young people with a message of great impact that can promote responsibilty towards the problem of anorexia’.

see the no-l-ita website for more details on the campaign

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