a gentleman felter by the name of simon brown captures the curiosity, love, fear and contentment of a country sunrise or sunset — all with tiny felt figures and some weathered old brushes. look at the fox and mouse below. you can feel the backwind from behind the mouse, hitting the foxes face with aromas of meat and mushroom, knocking over bristling stalks of grass. the sun is rising or setting. 

gentleman felter
‘a brush with danger’…
all images and captions courtesy of @thegentlemanfelter



they’ve been awake a long time or maybe they’ve just woken. fight or flight is about to kick in. there’s a hole for the mouse to escape, but simon shows us nothing more than a tiny moment. you forget in this tiny moment that someone once used the land their standing on to keep the knots out of their hair.

gentleman felter
…let’s hope mr fox is a veggie and has eyes on the toadstool!’



the little moments below hold infinite possibilities. butterflies grace at just the right moment. hungry owls. scared mice. a loyal dog and a doe entranced by her icy frog prince — but actually, that last moment was created by a different gentleman felter. in fact, by more of a lady felter. make sure to glance that very last image at the bottom of this article, ‘bristling with hope’ it was created evidently by simon’s girlfriend, katie corrigan. the children’s book illustrator and her frog prince simon keep on making these miniature scenes with felt and brushes and sketches and sunsets and love, but unfortunately for us, they are currently not taking any commissions. 

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