olek in the deep-end for crocheting underwater sculpture
all images courtesy of olek




olek has made a name for herself by crocheting her artistic vision into the public eye — from a playground in brazil, to the new york stock exchange’s charging bull. however, her latest intervention sees her in the deep-end.

olek underwater crochet scultpure designboom
olek braving the currents to complete her artistic intervention




familiar with the underwater sculptures of jason decaires taylor, and wanting to bring light to the destructive fishing practices and activities that are having an impact on our aquatic eco-systems, she yearned to create an opus that opened people’s eyes to the state in which our oceans are in. she went diving in areas populated by taylor’s work, in search of a piece without any coral growth that she could adapt to illustrate her own statement. she swam upon taylor’s ‘time bomb’ at the cancun underwater museum (MUSA) in mexico, and felt that she could reiterate his message through her very own art: ‘the state of our oceans is a ticking time bomb and we need to act now if we wish to save our seas.’

olek underwater crochet sculpture designboom
olek’s intentions were positive, and she only wanted to bring attention to destructive fishing practices and related activities




over the course of a number of days, olek dove, crocheted and fought the currents to get her ‘time bomb’ finished, metamorphosing the bulbous forms into a colorful vision. but, despite her good intentions and positive message to save our marine life, the new york-based creative is being met with disapproval as she proceeded to complete the operation without permission by the museum. additionally, despite olek’s desire to avoid interrupting the environment, MUSA director jaime gonzalez has stated to FoxNEWS, ‘believe it or not, there is a lot of marine life growing, encrusted in the sculpture, and we gather that this has killed it.’

crochet artist olek in the deep-end with underwater time bomb
the ticking ‘time bomb’





olek’s actions may see her being charged. she has reacted to the less-than exciting reaction by voicing that:if they want to sue me, I don’t know. I can pay them back with crocheting more underwater sculptures. (…) my intentions were positive and that’s the most important thing about my work,’ she added. ‘I really want to create a positive message.’


OLEK on her ticking, underwater ‘time bomb’
video courtesy of OLEK