on the occasion of miami art week 2015, mana contemporary presents a selection of latin american contemporary art from the tiroche deleon collection. amongst the host of works presented for the exhibition ‘everything you are I am not’ held at the mana wynwood convention center is an installation by OSGEMEOS. ‘sem titulo’ (untitled) is one of the most elaborate art objects the brazilian artist twins have ever created, comprising all the key elements that have come to define their creative career.

a giant wooden head is attached to the roof of a modified volkswagen beetle
all images courtesy of tiroche deleon collection




drawn from an earlier work titled ‘serenade’ — where two men wearing head-shaped hats play musical instruments — the ‘untitled’ installation brings elements of the painting to life. they have crafted a wooden version of the enormous head and set it on the roof of a modified volkswagen beetle. the figure opens on hinges to reveal a glistening purple interior, mirroring the exterior surface of a disco ball. hidden within the reverse of the face is a cabinet of curiosities, featuring antique radios, clocks, and figurines. the car’s interactive nature allows the viewer to discover countless details and hidden treasures like intricately ornamented flower motifs, found objects, human figures, and musical instruments like keyboards and trumpets.

the face bears the distinct figurative features the artist twins have become best known for 

the car hides a small keyboard and musical instruments within its wooden shell 

the ‘untitled’ installation brings elements of an 2008 painting titled ‘serenade’ to life

the head rotates on hinges, showing a glittering purple interior that resembles a disco ball 

the modified car features intricately hand-painted doors that hide a sequence of motifs 

the car’s interactive nature allows the viewer to discover countless details and hidden treasures

hidden within the reverse of the face is a cabinet of curiosities with antique radios, clocks, and figurines