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OUCHHH's AI data painting creates a 'ripple' at XRP ledger apex conference in amsterdam

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OUCHHH animates ripple’s xrpl transactional data in real-time


OUCHHH’s latest immersive AI Data Painting was the center of attention at blockchain technology company Ripple’s XRP Ledger Apex 2024 conference. The installation titled {X} XRP Ledger_AI Data Painting, which was commissioned by Ripple and created by the new media studio’s Directors Ferdi Alici and Eylul Duranagac, served as an immersive portal through which summit attendees passed to reach the theatre space. Here, three days of back-to-back keynote speeches and panel discussions took place between Ripple and XRP Ledger (XRPL) executives, industry leaders, and technology founders who discussed everything XRPL, and the future of the blockchain sector at large.


The AI data painting was created through a collaborative process between human and real-time machine learning of data sets extracted in real-time from the XRP Ledger. A convergence of technology, science, and art; with data as the paint and the algorithm as the brush. Attendees were able to witness real-time machine learning and processing of Ripple’s XRPL transactional data. In layman’s terms, the visual output on the immersive screens was machine learning’s visual, dynamic, animated language. Expressing its logic and reasoning skills to deduce and understand XRPL’s real-time data that it was processing, and thereafter interpreting the information.

OUCHHH's AI data painting lends ripple effect at XRP ledger apex conference in amsterdam
all images and videos by Katie Lister



{X} XRP Ledger_AI Data Painting converges tech, science, and art


‘For the first time, the invisible was suddenly visible. XRP Ledger developers, collaborators, executives and the virtual audience on social media were able to see what is otherwise unseeable to the eye,’ says Ferdi Alici. We used Ripple’s real-time data sets as the paint, and the algorithm as the brush to bring these living, breathing, ever-evolving artworks to life.’


‘This project with Ripple and its XRP Ledger was such an organic fit for OUCHHH,’ says Katie Lister, who steers brand partnerships and commissions for OUCHHH. ‘Data is at the core of Ripple’s business, in the form of a lightning-fast and reliable option for enabling real-time global payments through the transfer and exchange of the XRP digital asset over the XRP Ledger around the world.’ Through OUCHHH studio, Ripple was able to visualize machine learning’s abstract understanding and interpretations of all of the moment-to-moment transactions happening across the globe as we go about our days that we otherwise would not be aware of. 


‘The power of Ripple’s technology to make asset exchange virtually frictionless — transactions that happen over the blockchain at lightning speed for a fraction of a penny — is now something we can see. An invisible, abstract concept suddenly becomes more concrete and crystallized through, ironically, an abstract art piece visible to the naked eye,’ she continues.


Ferdi Alici, OUCHHH Director/New Media Artist and Co-Founder inside the {X} XRP Ledger_AI Data Painting installation at Ripple’s XRP Ledger Apex 2024 Conference



OUCHHH’s AI data paintings have been seen around the world on colossal buildings and monuments including the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Petra in Jordan, and the Pantheon in Rome through collaborations with brands including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Nike, NASA, CERN, Girard-Perregaux, Bulgari, Ferrari F1, League of Legends, Sony PlayStation, Paramount Pictures, and Hennessy. OUCHHH has won multiple international design and art awards including several RED DOT Design Awards, Asia Design Prize, Muse Creative Awards USA, ADC Awards, and IDA Design Awards.  


Most recently OUCHHH participated in the first lunar mission in 50 years in February, when SpaceX in partnership with Intuitive Machines landed on the moon. The studio’s ongoing HUMAN CELL ATLAS_Neuroorganism AI Data Spatial Painting of Humanity in partnership with CERN joined the journey as the first AI art piece in space and to land on the moon. The project was featured as the main installation at the entrance of Art Dubai Digital 2024 fair, followed by a short film world premiere in May as an official selection of Cannes Film Festival’s Marché du Film, as part of the Cannes Next programming.


XRPL is the largest annual summit on the XRPL calendar. It unites developers, businesses, fintechs, VCs and the wider community. More than 700 guests attended, and the conference featured more than 60 sessions and 70 speakers. Keynote speakers included Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse; Ripple CTO, David Schwartz; XRPL President David Bchiri, Uphold CRO and President of the US, Nancy Beaton; Zoniqx Lead Architect, Prithvish Baidya and Solomonic Co-Founder and CTO, Sologenic. Sponsors included XRPL Commons, Xaman, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Axiology, Blockchain Founders Fund, among many others.


Katie Lister, Brand Partnerships, Commissions and Business Development for OUCHHH inside the “{X} XRP Ledger_AI Data Painting” installation at Ripple’s XRP Ledger Apex 2024 Conference



attendees of Ripple’s XRP Ledger Apex 2024 conference pass through OUCHHH’s {X} XRP Ledger_AI Data Painting


attendees of Ripple’s XRP Ledger Apex 2024 conference pass through OUCHHH’s “{X} XRP Ledger_AI Data Painting


an immersive portal created through a collaborative process between human and real-time machine learning

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