‘out-door-kino’ cinema by pawel grobelny image © michiel de cleene

developed by polish designer pawel grobelny, the ‘out-door-kino’ cinema is an architectural art intervention, realized at the cultural centre strombeek in belgium. a small, roofed room becomes an appendix to the gallery space, offering access to a video installation 24 hours a day.

the project comprises an open-sided ‘cockpit’ extension to the exterior edge of the building, composed of wood and steel with speakers built in. from within this space, spectators can view a film by the renowned polish artist wilhelm sasnal, being projected from a screen erected inside the culture center’s walls. the video is thus visible from both inside and outside, but the sound is transmitted only in the ‘out-door-kino’ module.

grobelny reflects:

‘the problematic issue of divisions between inside/outside and the way in which the service-oriented wooden object becomes autonomous raise questions about the vague borderline between art and design, and about the usefulness  of the opening hours of a building.‘

‘outdoor kino’ was developed within the framework of the ‘air de pologne‘ exhibition at the cultural centre strombeek, curated by luk lambrecht and koen leemans.

outdoor kino cinema by pawel grobelny profile view of the outdoor cinema space image © michiel de cleene

outdoor kino cinema by pawel grobelny 3/4 perspective image © michiel de cleene

outdoor kino cinema by pawel grobelny project concept sketch image © pawel grobelny

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