pêle-mêle audio-visual installation by artist olivier ratsi

all images courtesy of brice robert




‘pêle-mêle’, by artist olivier ratsi, is a generative audio-visual installation created for the 2016 mirage festival, anamorphosis, hosted by musée des beaux-arts in lyon. the work places two modules at right angles, with projections superimposed on the existing interior environment. anamorphic video loops, composed of horizontal and vertical ‘pelures’ (peels) create the illusion of depth and dematerialization.


video courtesy of tetro


video courtesy of tetro



pêle-mêle installation olivier ratsi
projection module

visuals create the illusion of depth and dematerialization 

pêle-mêle installation olivier ratsi
‘pêle-mêle’ at musée des beaux-arts in lyon, france 

view from off-center

pêle-mêle installation olivier ratsi
‘pêle-mêle’ was presented at the mirage festival 2016



project info:


installation: olivier ratsi
programming: mirage festival
production: tetro+a, mirage festival
photography: © brice robert



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