‘mírate a través de este poema de agua’ by boa mistura



boa mistura recently created a perspective-localized typographic installation that spelled out a line from an enrique cabezón poem. ‘mírate a través de este poema de agua’ was on show for four days this past march as part of the ‘concéntrico’ – architecture and design festival of logroño, spain. to read the entire phrase visitors had to walk around the group of white volumes, pausing in four different spots momentarily to as the colorful words became legible.


the verse by cabezón translates as ‘look at yourself through this poem of water’ and is taken from poem VI from the book ‘no busques lágrimas en el ojo del muerto’. (ed. germanía, 2006).


boa mistura mirate diagrama



boa mistura mirate 02


boa mistura mirate 03


boa mistura mirate 04


boa mistura mirate 05


boa mistura mirate 06


 boa mistura mirate 08


boa mistura mirate 10


boa mistura mirate 11


boa mistura mirate 12


boa mistura mirate 13


boa mistura mirate 14


boa mistura mirate 15


project credits


construction of prisms by maderas maderlin


the concéntrico – architecture and design festival of logroño took place is organized by COAR and COAR foundation.


photos by : pablo g. mena, ana palacios, kbmayor, josema cutillas, fátima ferreira and boa mistura.




‘for a while now, we have been fascinated with the written word. we feel that it is the most effective way to communicate. no room for interpretations, a word is simple and direct. it is what it is. if you read a positive word, or a beautiful or inspiring phrase it puts you in a better mood which you then emit to your surroundings.’ – boa mistura


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