pharrell williams turns into an anime design for takashi murakami’s jellyfish eyes




pharrell williams is transformed into a glittering anime character, singing and dancing in the remix of japanese artist takashi murakami’s feature-length film ‘jellyfish eyes. the hypnotizing short feature is a mash-up of the movie’s theme song ‘last night, good night’ by livetune, and features figures directly from the film grooving alongside blue-haired virtual pop sensation hatsune miku and pharrell’s notoriously tall vivienne westwood hat.



mesmerizing graphics make up a kaleidoscopic fantasy world that act as the backdrop for the drawn characters, dancing to the song’s pulsating harmonies and synthesized scales. pharrell tells the creators project that ‘takashi’s use of colors and characters really speaks to me and allows me to get lost in the many layers of his paintings.‘, a sentiment truly evident in the psychedelic, visually awesome video. take a look, below.


last night, good night (re:dialed) – pharrell williams remix
video courtesy of the creators project

anime robotic figures dance in sync to the synthesized tune

virtual pop sensation hatsune miku grooves alongside the anime pharrell williams