CXIP ANNOUNCES Largest COMMUNITY of NFT Creators In History


2021 has been the year of the non-fungible token, but while many artists have been embracing NFTs, others are still on the fence due to concerns over royalties, creator-owned smart contracts, and permanence. in a bid to tackle these issues and help protect the rights of artists, NFT minting platform CXIP (pronounced ‘CHIP’) is launching a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called the ‘CXIP DAO’.


the aim of the CXIP DAO is to create the world’s largest coalition of NFT artists, where creators will be able to vote on proposed features, innovations, and manage the community treasury. additionally, anyone who has ever minted an NFT with ethereum will be able to claim free $CXIP tokens and join the CXIP DAO.


CXIP founder and artist rights lawyer jeff gluck explains, ‘minting is the spark that powers the web3 ecosystem and the metaverse, the fundamental technology used to create all NFTs. minting an NFT should not be difficult, and creators should not be tied to a specific marketplace or service provider to do it. minting should be a free and open action, and creators should be able to move their collections and NFTs seamlessly between marketplaces.’


alongside the launch of CXIP DAO, the platform has also announced the formation of an advisory council of leading artists and advocates. names include jen stark, pharrell williams, and daniel arsham—who unveiled his first NFT artwork in may this year (see the video at the top of the page).





one of the main features of NFTs is that an artist’s content can be sold globally on decentralized marketplaces, meaning they’re not controlled by one single institution or government. DAOs are made by groups of people using blockchain technologies like ethereum and, in essence, they are decentralized communities that work towards a common goal, making collective decisions with no hierarchy. 


if you’re still wondering what all the fuss is about, check out our in-depth NFT explainer here.