pixel pancho turns rome’s galleria varsi into a forgotten mythological landscape
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pixel pancho: androidèi
galleria varsi, rome, italy
now through april 3, 2016



in rome, italian artist pixel pancho has turned galleria varsi into a dystopian scene from one of his own paintings, transforming the exhibition space into a seemingly forgotten landscape. for the solo exhibit ‘androidèi’, the turin-based creative adds a selection of his work to the walls, each of which embody his interest in technology, mythology, and metaphors. robots and gods become one entity, which intermix supernatural and sacred elements to become iron and oxide. in pixelpancho’s universe, broken and dented robots decay on the ground and rusted copper bodies fall into discarded oblivion. although the scale of his work varies, his surreal world is a constant theme that threads through both contemporary and historical references.

the gallery in rome is transformed into a forgotten landscape




pixelpancho’s paintings on paper, canvas, wood, and walls feature man as the protagonist, despite humans never appearing in the flesh. this theme is drawn from the need to explain the phenomena of the cycle of life as an inherent part of human beings. for thousands of years, men have turned to divine creatures to obtain answers, but over the centuries these entities have changed. as men did with the gods, human beings now project their desire for perfection and immortality on robots, creating them in an effort to overcome their human limitations.

the effect of the exhibition’s scenography draws viewers in to the artist’s work 

a hybrid robot/roman sculpture is situated at the center of the exhibition 

small works are exhibited in a back room, whose walls drip with dirt and grime 

the sculpture ‘aphrodite’ is situated at the center of the exhibition 

small works on paper are exhibited in an intimate room 

visitors are drawn in to the artist’s unexpected dystopian landscapes that mix mythology and robots

exhibition view of ‘la caduta dell’eroe’ at galleria varsi

the setting creates an immersive space for viewers to observe the artworks 

exhibition view of ‘androidèi’ at galleria varsi, rome