hong-kong based design studio, XEX, presents ‘prismverse’, an interactive diamond-themed installation in shanghai. the installation was completed for american skincare brand, dr. jart+, to serve as an experiential pavilion for their ‘instant V7 toning light’ at raffles city mall. the immersive installation is inspired by light rays traveling through a diamond. with a 10 meter-long LED floor and the complex geometrical tessellated mirror wall, the highly illuminated interior becomes a metaphor for the instant tone-up effect of the skin product.

prismverse XEX studio
visitors can explore the diamond-like interior from all angles
all images courtesy of XEX studio



the audience will be immersed in splendors of our mother nature, ranging from the galaxy and distant stars, rare gemstones, glistens of flowing water and refracted light beams‘, explains the design team. ‘these resemble the brightening, moisturizing, protective and vitalizing effects of the product once applied on skin‘. 

prismverse XEX studio
the skincare products are placed at the center of the interactive space



in addition to viewing the product, visitors are immersed in a soundscape of alternating colors and dizzying patterns. the audience is also immersed in an ambient soundscape produced by sonihouse, where sound is equally distributed in every direction. 

prismverse XEX studio
the changing patterns and lighting effects transport visitors to a new world

prismverse XEX studio
the imagery resembles the brightening, moisturizing, and vitalizing effects of the product once applied on skin

prismverse XEX studio
the patterns change as visitors move around the space 

prismverse XEX studio
scene IV: refracted lights in prisms

prismverse XEX studio
scene I: galaxy

prismverse XEX studio
scene II: water wavelight


project info:


creative & artistic director: chris cheung hon him
digital producer: cheryl liu suet yee
technical director: jeff wong chun kit
creative technologist: jason lam chi fai
interactive art director & motion designer: kwankai kwan kai yin
interactive designer & motion designer: janice to tsz sum
motion designer: josé lai hiu fung
soundscape composer: h0nh1m
3D model craftsman / production assistance: leung man-kit
client: dr.jart+
collaborator / representing agency: GPB shanghai
collaborator / exterior architectural design: collective studio