protey temen – photo by dmitriy donskoy

russian artist protey temen has been exploring ‘different ways of visual environment saturation’ since 2004, working as an art-director at zunge design studio in moscow. more recently protey has been working on a side project called ‘dobrotarizm’, which roughly translates as ‘happytalism’. the main objective of the project is a focus on positive reactions among human feelings and their further manipulation. protey views kiddy-styled graphics as the main source of inspiration for his work, which is certainly colorful, intense and often humorous.

protey temen scheme 01, textured

protey temen scheme 02, line art

protey temen installation concept

protey temen puppy and swarovski

protey temen marching cream – iconography of the dobrotarism

protey temen go west (final steps)


protey temen: temen’s flickr set: zunge design: — via ffffound | rojo