PUTPUT plants a greenhouse filled with faux flora and fauna
installation photography by chris scott




when entering the luminous, transparent greenhouse set on the grounds of lust and the apple gallery in temple, scotland, visitors encounter a familiar tableau of botanical life, interrupted by a surprising and surreal twist. each of the many ‘plants’ carefully placed on plastic shelves actually encompass an eclectic assemblage of faux-vegetation, made with a quirky collection of tools, toys, trinkets and household objects.


for the installation ‘fruitless’ swiss/danish artist duo PUTPUT have ‘planted’ hair brushes, badminton birdies, fly swatters and flutes into soil-filled pots, completely transforming these ordinary items into funny series of flora and fauna. ‘we find it striking how many of those objects bear a resemblance to forms found in nature and that placing them or in this instance planting them changes how they are perceived’ PUTPUT duo stefan friedli and ulrik martin larsen describe. ‘from a distance, the greenhouse looks like it’s filled with exotic succulents and cacti, but on closer inspection a different story unravels, and we hope it causes people to look twice. in a way, it’s a tribute to unnoticed everyday objects — products that lead a quiet and practical existence without the fame or glory of ‘design’ objects.’



PUTPUT: fruitless
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with an obsession for collection, the artists gathered as many green-colored objects they could find. a neon wig, moss-hued makeup brush and pistachio-toned pair of spoons are ordinarily overlooked in their everyday environment, but a simple change of context shifts their impression from functionality to form. by removing their utilitarian characteristics, visitors are provoked to see the objects in a different light and to appreciate their shape, texture and construction in a different manner.

the greenhouse at lust and the apple gallery is transformed into a humorous installation

from a distance, the greenhouse is seemingly filled with exotic succulents and cacti

the tableau comprises an eclectic assemblage of faux-vegetation

items like scissors, stuffed toys and a feather duster begin to resemble botanical life 

rows of plastic shelves are lined with ‘plants’ made with varying everyday objects

each green object has been ‘planted into pots of varying sizes

green garden gloves resemble a leafy species of plant
documentation photos by PUTPUT

two green shoe horns are planted into a plastic pot

the musical function of recorder flutes is transformed into a form-based application

a stack of plastic cups begins to resemble a sturdy cactus

two plastic green horns are reconsidered in a new context

a simple hair comb is ‘planted’ into a plastic pot

small household items like plastic spoons and bag clips resemble vibrant fauna