PUTPUT turns ordinary objects, from hot dogs to hair, into sculptural shoes

all images courtesy of PUTPUT




‘everything has a sole’, declare PUTPUT creative team stephan friedli and ulrik martin larsen. for bianco footwear‘s spring/summer 2015 campaign, the copenhagen-based duo have developed more than a dozen zany variations of a traditional shoe, reinterpreting the regular form with an assemblage of everyday materials. combined with recognizable elements from shoes — such as heels and soles — ordinary objects from hot dogs to hair are configured into boot, sneaker and stiletto styles. additional interpretations see bricks, bread and brown paper bags carefully constructed into sculptural sandals and abstract pumps, exploring the metaphysical relationship between objects and people.

a haphazardly stacked series of glasses forms the outline of a high-heeled shoe

various vases filled with flowers form the shape of a boot

a hot dog simply positioned on a heel creates the abstract image of a pump

brightly-colored fruits form a funny interpretation of a heeled shoe

bricks are stacked in structural arrangement that mimics a footwear form 

long locks of hair wrap around a cork heel, creating the image of a shoe

slices of bread resemble the shape of a sandal

lit candlesticks form the silhouette of a boot

grass sprouts from the sole of a shoe

a crumpled, brown paper bag can be likened to the outline of a boot

cuts of wood form the abstract shape of a sculptural shoe

toys are constructed in a shape that resembles a high heel