r1 arranges 100 yield signs in a johannesburg alleyway
all images courtesy of r1





public art and creative interventions are responsible for uplifting and improving a neighborhood’s charm and are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, from city dwellers to passers-by. beautifying the urban streets of johannesburg, south africa, local artist r1 has composed a geometrically arranged installation fixed to the brick walls of lonely alleyway, adding a vibrant and spirited character to an otherwise unnoticed place.


using 100 traffic signs, the artist has visualized ‘yield’, appropriating the transportation motifs into a kaleidoscope of red and white symbols. a single pole set into the sidewalk is at the intervention’s centerpiece, while the bi-color triangles extend in every direction and radiate outward from the original source. small symbols are drawn inside the larger ones, overlapping the simple forms to create a mass of graphics, angles and shapes. the creative street project has been commissioned by the johannesburg development agency under its urban upgrade program, which hopes to improve the local atmosphere.


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r1 yield signs
passers-by are greeted by a striking and colorful installation fixed to the alleyway walls

r1 yield signs
100 yield signs have been appropriated into a massive geometric arrangement of symbols, angles and shapes

r1 yield signs
a singe street pole bearing the traffic symbol is at the installation’s centerpiece

r1 yield signs
yield signs affixed to the brick wall are placed in an alleyway in johannesburg

r1 yield signs
small symbols are drawn inside the larger ones, creating a kaleidoscopic effect