tropical readymade by radamés ‘juni’ figueroa at gallery proyectos ultravioleta / miami’s NADA artfair
(above) tropical readymade, 2014, ball, plant, soil




through his work with plants, leaves and various forms of botanical life, puerto rican artist radamés ‘juni’ figueroa creates a creative language with a caribbean tropical quality. his work with ideas of ‘readymades’ sees him manipulating and modifying ordinary manufactured objects, mainly thematically related to sport. figueroa forms both sculpture and environment that reflect the realities of life in his hometown of san juan, bringing the urban landscape familiar to him into the context of gallery spaces across the world. 

an american-style football is given a new purpose as a planter

basketball and soccer ball are appropriated into pots for organic material 

figueroa has placed used trainers with plants growing out of them in gallery spaces

sneakers become vessels of botanical life

impression by the artist

installation view



about radamés ‘juni’ figueroa:


figueroa was born in bayamon, puerto rico, in 1982. he obtained his BFA from escuela de artes plásticas in 2007 and in 2013 completed his programa la practica, beta local in san juan. he participated in the whitney biennial, and exhibited at the sculpture center in new york in 2014. the artist lives and works in san juan, puerto rico.


about NADA :


‘new art dealers alliance’ runs a renowned art fair to vigorously pursue our goals of exploring new or underexposed art that is not typical of the art establishment. NADA’s fair is held in parallel with art basel miami beach and is recognized as a much needed alternative assembly of the world’s youngest and strongest art galleries dealing with emerging contemporary art. it is the only major american art fair to be run by a non-profit organization.