rainham hall hoarding by mr bingo and studio weave
photos courtesy of studio weave original artwork by mr bingo




mr bingo and studio weave have designed a set of extra large top-trumps cards for the national trust to celebrate the history of rainham hall, essex. the two metre high cards are installed on the hoarding surrounding the building as it undergoes restoration and refurbishment before opening again next year.


the cards feature characters from rainham hall’s 285 year history and include portraits of john harle, the man who built the hall, elizabeth fry the social reformer who appears on the british £5 note and anthony denny, the society photographer who designed jackie kennedy onassis’ yacht.


‘rainham hall, the charming mansion house in the heart of rainham village, is looked after by the national trust and is currently undergoing a major restoration project. funding has been secured to bring the 18th century merchant’s house back to life and create a hub for the local community. the forty characters illustrated on the hoardings give a glimpse of the many stories waiting to be told about the history and goings on at rainham hall.’ – edward ikin, national trust general manager


the project was funded by the national trust with help from the heritage lottery fund, veolia north thames and biffa award.




40 characters drawn by mr bingo cover the rainham hall hoarding




each of the top-trumps cards are two meters tall




some of the historical figures illustrated by mr bingo that feature on the hoarding…




















the hoarding will be in place until 2015 when the restoration to rainham hall is complete
















installing the cards…















mr bingo at work




‘I’m one of those agnostic people who pokes fun at religion, but is secretly afraid of everything because I don’t have a god to protect me, so I play little games in my head all the time in order to try and keep everything in my life balanced and safe. you know like when you say ‘if I get throw this ball of paper in the bin and it goes in, my plane won’t crash tomorrow’. all that kind of shit. I hate it but it’s compulsive and beyond my control.’ – mr. bingo


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