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random international's 'living room' is an ethereal maze of light on miami beach

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‘living room’ lands in miami for art week 2022


Commissioned by Aorist with partner Faena Art, Random International‘s ‘Living Room’ installation has arrives on Miami’s sunny shores in time for Miami Art Week 2022, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the responsive maze of light. The team notes that its light-based artwork marks a shift in how blockchain technology can revolutionize how visitors experience and collect art. The space occupies a custom-built pavilion at Faena Beach, which will welcome the public until December 4th, 2022 — find tickets here!

random international miamiimage © Oriol Tarridas | header video © designboom



a maze of shifting light by random international


Random International’s never-before-seen Living Room installation in Miami explores the ‘impact of technological development on the human condition.’ The work makes use of Web3 to expand the possibilities of immersive art. Like a living entity, the vertical beams of light, fog, and sound together respond to the movements of the occupants to create a glimmering and ever-changing atmosphere. Within the space, all physical boundaries and sense of direction seem to vanish, truly immersing the visitor in a luminous maze.

random international miami
image © Oriol Tarridas



translating the space into an nft


The first variation of Random International’s Living Room is scored by Max Richter. As visitors navigate through the installation, their movement inside Living Room is tracked and recorded by an array of motion sensors. Every individual’s unique data can be visualized and compressed as a looped video, which visitors can collect as an NFT on Aorist’s marketplace by utilizing their entry ticket’s unique ID.


The data that Living Room is gathering will accumulate throughout the lifespan of the artwork, creating a visual archive of the installation’s ‘life’ that will be minted as an NFT, making it the first archive of an immersive artwork to be stored on the blockchain.

random international miami
image © Esteban Schunemann random international miami
image © Esteban Schunemann random international's 'living room' is an ethereal maze of light on miami beach
image © Esteban Schunemann


image © Oriol Tarridas

random international's 'living room' is an ethereal maze of light on miami beach
image © Oriol Tarridas


image © Oriol Tarridas

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