we can’t look away from these hypnotizing and strangely satisfying motion graphics animated by randy cano. the LA-based artist has been sharing short videos on his instagram page that disfigure, distort, melt, mangle, shatter and liquefy both ‘human’ figures and inanimate, everyday objects. 



‘melting heads’
all videos courtesy of randy cano



cano’s work perplexes our sense of perception by reconfiguring the properties of existing materials into unidentifiable textures and forms. a seemingly jelly-molded LEGO figure suddenly melts into a pool of purple liquid; a solid sculptural bust abruptly explodes into shards of broken matter; and an apparently human head is disturbingly distorted as it collapses and crumples into itself. see cano’s ongoing animated explorations on instagram here, and more wild and weird artistic interpretations of the human body on designboom here



‘head morph neon’ 



‘lego man melt’ 



‘ball dynamics’ 



‘head morph’



‘liquid splash’ 



‘ball bounce’ 



‘bust shatter’