‘technology’ wireframe by yorgo touplas

as part of their campaign to celebrate their first compact city car, the evoque, range rover enlisted four parisian artists to create wireframe art representing the main strengths of the urban vehicle. the temporary pop-up street installations, located at key parisian landmarks including the centre pompidou and palais de tokyo, are created by: andré (aka monsieur A), JCDC (jean-charles de castelbajac), surface to air and yorgo touplas. the brand has worked with these artists to develop artworks which are influenced by the evoque and the city of paris.

each of the wireframes were built using computer data which was sent to a supplier who constructed the forms out of steel rod. the four individual installations focuses on the following themes: luxury, design, sustainability and technology, conveying the key aspects of the car to the public.

range rover evoque wireframes situated against the backdrop of the centre pompidou

yorgo touplas’ (founder of alternative motoring magazine intersection) installation was located outside the centre pompidou. responsible for expressing the range rover evoque’s ‘technology’, he constructed a piece consisting of strips of light representing the car’s high levels of testing. in particular, the bright neon lines are meant to represent the flow of air over the vehicle.

range rover evoque wireframes detail

range rover evoque wireframes ‘design’ wireframe by andré

artist andré (aka monsieur A) deals with the ‘design’ aspects of the evoque in his wireframe, displayed at palais de tokyo. ‘I have reinterpreted the idea of customization with a series of rims that you might see on the streets of paris in 2015.’ – andré, graffiti artist and nightlife entrepreneur

range rover evoque wireframes 3/4 view of andré’s car

range rover evoque wireframes alternate view

range rover evoque wireframes ‘sustainability’ wireframe by surface to air

‘sustainability’ was the theme of multidsciplinary creative company, surface to air‘s (jérémie rozan and santiago marottoinstallation) installation, located outside the musée de arts et metiers. they arranged their wireframe on broken parisian tiles and sculptural pieces, a kind of way of symbolizing the car emerging from the city of paris.

range rover evoque wireframes alternate view

range rover evoque wireframes up close

range rover evoque wireframes back view

range rover evoque wireframes ‘luxury’ wireframe by JCDC

JCDC‘s (jean-charles de castelbajac) ‘luxury’ evoque wireframe outside the palais de tokyo. ‘my representation of luxury references grace, intimacy and protection. this is a concept frequently related to the pleasures of enveloping oneself in a garment and my work with bespoke and couture fashion. similar to luxury clothing, this installation reflects a graceful protection.’ – JCDC, french fashion designer and artist

range rover evoque wireframes alternate view

range rover evoque wireframes ‘luxury’ evoque at the place vendone