rebecca louise law suspends a spring garden within bikini berlin retail space
all images courtesy of bikini berlin




within the atrium of concept shopping mall bikini berlin, london-based artist’s rebecca louise law has deconstructed a blossoming spring garden and suspended it from the ceiling. the stems of 30,000 live flowers of varying color and quality make up ‘garten’, tethered to copper wire strings and hovering just above visitors to the retail space. the brightly colored blooms, — donated by tollwasblumenmachen, an affiliate of the flower council of holland — are carefully hung upside down with petals facing those passing beneath. the site specific installation will dry in-situ over time, creating an ever-changing landscape of color and form.  

the installation is placed within the atrium of the bikini berlin mall




the sculpture invites visitors to contemplate nature, while keeping with the language of the architecture — a triad of 1950s buildings that stand as symbols of berlin’s city west district. the spectrum of colors and floral scents that punctuate the internal setting brings the outdoors in.  ‘the installation is designed to be an inviting, enchanting celebration of the outdoors and of spring color,’ rebecca louise law says. ‘we decided to name the sculpture simply ‘garten’ the german word for garden, in keeping with the simple, understated post-war design statement made by the bikini berlin building itself.’

the artist has deconstructed a blossoming spring garden

the stems of 30,000 live flowers are suspended from the ceiling

blooms of varying color and quality make up the installation ‘garten’

the flowers are tethered to copper wire strings

blooms hover just above mall guests, with petals facing those passing beneath

the sculpture invites visitors to contemplate nature

the installation will dry over time, creating an ever-changing landscape of color and form

the spectrum of colors brings the outdoors in

the sculpture interacts with the existing architecture of the building