‘finest paperware’ by rebecca wilson, ‘blue delft’ in porcelain all images courtesy of rebecca wilson

scottish ceramicist rebecca wilson presents her latest project ‘finest paperware’ at the flow gallery in london. responding to the wasteful culture of convenience and consumption, wilson elevates the paper cup into an art object, with hand-drawn patterns and produced by slip-casting techniques.the artist explains her process: ‘to create a ‘symmetry of opposites’ some of these cups are assembled from cast sheets of handmade paper; others are hand-built from sheets of specially a specially formulated porcelain and paper pulp mixture. the ‘jasperware’ set emulates wedgewood’s iconic range using stained paper and porcelain, and embossed relief details in white. the dutch classic ‘blue delft’ is alluded to in hand drawn details in blue biro, which have been scanned and digitally transformed into enamel decals for application to porcelain.‘

rebecca wilson: finest paperware ‘blue delft’ in paper

rebecca wilson: finest paperware ‘jasperware’ in porcelain

rebecca wilson: finest paperware ‘jasperware’ in paper

rebecca wilson: finest paperware‘blue delft’ detail, porcelain (left) and paper (right)

rebecca wilson: finest paperware ‘jasperware’ detail, paper (left) and porcelain (right)

rebecca wilson: finest paperware biro delft decal sketch

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