la boca have produced some great new work since we spoke their founder, scot bendall last year.



highlights include the artwork for bombay bicycle club’s latest albums and singles and the official poster for the 2014 BAFTAs (british academy film awards). there’s also some brilliant and bold posters for beyond fest, dark city gallery, waitrose and a psychedelic artwork for ray-ban.


in-store wall graphic for ray-ban


bombay bicycle club ‘luna’ single for island records, 2014


bombay bicycle club ‘carry me’ single for island records, 2013


bombay bicycle club ‘so long, see you tomorrow’ album for island records, 2014


animated version of the ‘so long, see you tomorrow’ artwork


beyond fest poster, 2013


goblin gig poster, 2013


british academy film awards 2014


king kong poster for dark city gallery, 2013


king kong poster for dark city gallery, 2013


waitrose and carluccio’s wine promotion, 2013


designboom: how do you see your work evolving and what has been the evolution so far?
scot bendall: I’m just happy that our work has been able to evolve at all. we were always very conscious that we didn’t want to get stuck working on projects we didn’t enjoy, or that didn’t present new challenges. when I look at our body of work as a whole, I can see how the studio has matured over the years, and luckily we’ve been able to refine what we do to some extent. but, I’m never happy with a completed project, it can always be done better with hindsight!


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