designboom, with TIVOLI AUDIO, is currently hosting the ‘TIVOLI AUDIO 10th anniversary‘  international graphic design competition. this is a continuation of our ‘sneak peak’ to some of the competition entries to date.

‘recipe for perfection’ (detail)

‘recipe for perfection’ by gene d’cruze of the UK is one of the submissions to the competition.

designer’s own words: ‘the concept is to introduce new customers to TIVOLI and its quality products, whilst simultaneouslyreinforcing the expectations that their existing customer base already has of them. the six key words featured in the design not only describe the inherent qualities of the model 10 radio, but the qualities of TIVOLI. this serves to express what TIVOLI have focused on imbuing into their products this past decade, and it sets a vision for the next decade as well. the composition draws the viewer’s eyes in towards the product, and the basic colour scheme represents the clarity and simplicity with which TIVOLI approach product design. the illustrated elements are designed to be both fanciful and accessible. something which can be seen as high quality, but also as fun and contemporary, in order to appeal to the widest audience possible. this is the heart and soul of what TIVOLI does so well.’

'recipe for perfection' by gene d'cruze   TIVOLI AUDIO competition entry full banner format

the winning artist’s will be featured on a billboard at the 1535 marriott marquis rotunda mesh face in times square NYC for the month of december 2010. the above image follows the proper measurement requirements, fitting the guidelines of the  billboard. we invite all participants to carefully read the submission details.

application for registration will be accepted through to september 30th, 2010. for more details on how to apply see here.