red hong yi illuminates the dark side with star wars shadow artworks
all images courtesy of red hong yi




on the heels of the highly anticipated opening of the latest star wars film, artist red hong yi has finished a series of mind-bending shadow artworks that take cues from the movie’s most legendary characters like darth vader, yoda and chewbacca. each the seven pieces have been created using an eclectic mix of materials from aluminum foil and a cut-up graphics card to colorful feathers and chocolate cookies.



compilation of all 7 star wars shadow artworks and behind-the-scenes footage
video courtesy of red hongyi




red fixed the textured mediums onto long, thin wires that seem to have no formal or recognizable arrangement. however, the visual illusion is only actualized through light — red cast the radiance of a single lamp behind the terrain of fabric and food, illuminating the final picture on the white wall it faces. carefully constructed portraits of figures like r2-d2, princess leia and a stormtrooper incredibly materialize on the blank surface, formed through the meticulous configuration and structured sequence of the wire-suspended elements. take a look at a compilation of all 7 star wars shadow artworks above, and each of the individual videos here


r2-d2 is made from a cut-up gtx titan graphic card



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yoda has been carefully crafted from tree branches and leaves 

chewbacca is formed from a meticulously placed sequence of colorful feathers 



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the portrait of darth vader is realized through pieces of aluminum foil placed on wired 

a stormtrooper is made from small chunks of fluffy white cotton 



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princess leia comprises pieces of red’s old jeans 

the star wars logo is made from segments of sprinkle-covered chocolate cookies 



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