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refik anadol uses machine-learning to generate his 'quantum memories' for the NGV triennial

for the 2020 edition of the NGV triennial, artist refik anadol generates his ‘quantum memories’ with the use of machine-learning algotrithms. the video artwork series is an expression of more than 200 million nature-related images from the internet. these images are processed using quantum computing software developed by the google AI quantum research team together with a supercomputer that has been programmed with machine-learning algorithms. the resulting real-time video can be considered both an alternate dimension of the natural world and a radical visualization of digitized memories of nature.

refik anadol quantum memories
installation view of refik anadol ‘quantum memories, 2020’ on display in NGV triennial 2020, © refik anadol
all images by tom ross



displayed at the NGV triennial, refik anadol’s arresting visuals and audio are composed in collaboration with a generative algorithm enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing — a new form of computing that exploits the unusual physics of the subatomic world — turning the visual data that flows around us every day into an artwork that represents our collective memory of nature. through the work, the artist encourages us to imagine the potential of this experimental computer technology and the immense opportunities it presents for the future of art and design.

refik anadol quantum memoriesrefik anadol quantum memories refik anadol quantum memories refik anadol quantum memories


refik anadol quantum memories refik anadol quantum memories refik anadol quantum memories



project info:


project title: quantum memories

artist: refik anadol

location: NGV triennial | NGV international, melbourne, australia

installation dates:  december 19th 2020 — april 18th 2021

 photography: tom ross

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