lebanese creative studio JPAG introduces the ‘related stories’ video series, including five tapes that communicate the self-discovery and undeniable transformation that humans have experienced during the coronavirus pandemic. the project showcases billboards placed outside of homes, that read both physical and emotional changes that the owners have made to each space, in their attempt to convert them from anti-pandemic prisons to friendlier, even productive living environments. 

related stories 8
tape 001 ‘saturday, july 11th’ cover image – the first scene explains the concept of ‘related stories’ – city: beirut
all images courtesy of JPAG



in each tape of the ‘related story’ by JPAG, the billboard reveals the title of the room and the negative connotation that comes with it. the billboard switches between dark and light, depending on the presence of the individual in that room. ‘we are first met with a massive billboard and its negative ideas as the initial greeting, pulling us into a journey of self-discovery and a positive mindset the more time spent in reflecting, allowing oneself to really take in the beauty of transformation’ the studio explains. 

related stories 9
tape 002 ‘the lonely chef’ cover image – the second scene is a recording of maria’s lockdown experience – city: new york



the project comprises five scenes, five citizens, five testimonies, five cities. the billboards portray the first thoughts of the lockdown, with bold negative titles. as the testimonies unwrap, they seem to end on a more positive note. each scene displays personal belongings related to the narrator himself, along with other object which serve as symbols. 

related stories 2
tape 003 ‘everyday inn’ cover image – the third scene is a recording of hadi’s lockdown experience – city: milan

related stories 6
tape 004 ‘rat hole’ cover image – the fourth scene is a recording of khalil’s lockdown experience – city: paris

related stories 4
tape 005 ‘mental fitness’ cover image – the fifth scene is a recording of wahib’s lockdown experience – city: byblos


related stories 7
sketch of the first scene ‘saturday, july 11th’

related stories 10
sketch of the second scene ‘the lonely chef’

related stories 1
sketch of the third scene ‘everyday inn’

related stories 5
sketch of the fourth scene ‘rat hole’

related stories 3
sketch of the fifth scene ‘mental fitness’



project info:


name: related stories – all 5 tapes available here
creator: JPAG


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