‘untitled’, 2008 (wood, mirrors,fluorescent paint)

remi bragard is an emerging french artist who lives and works in marseille. working in a diverse range of mediums, bragard is most prolific in sculpture and installation. his work often employs ordinary household objects, assembled and arranged in sculptural and sometimes strange ways. the object narrative is bragard’s main concern rather than volume. another elements of his art is the idea of ephemerally. many of his pieces change over time, degrading slowly or all at once.


remi bragard‘midi dix’, 2008 (umbrellas, silver-mirror aluminium, copper tubes)

remi bragard‘répartition des énergies’, 2008 ( high-tension cable, steel tubes, nylon rope)

remi bragard‘corrosion organisée’, 2008 (chairs, hydrochloric acid, water, spotlights, jugs)

remi bragard‘collecteurs d’intensité’, 2006 (boxes, mirrors, glass)

remi bragard‘générateur’, 2004 (generator, jugs, light)

remi bragard‘la conquête de l’espace, multiplication’, 2005 (measuring tapes, stakes, fluorescent paint)

remi bragard‘maison’, 2005 (laser levels)