teamLab will be displaying two new artworks at jewel, the recently completed destination designed by safdie architects in the heart of singapore’s changi airport. ‘resonating forest -– shiseido forest valley’ at jewel changi​ ​airport​ is currently on view in the evenings in the ‘shiseido forest valley’ as part of the S E N S E multisensorial art installation, while ​’resonating trees — topiary walk’ at jewel changi airport​ will be on view at canopy park, located at the topmost level in jewel. in collaboration with shiseido travel retail and jewel changi airport, canopy park opens on june 10, 2019.

teamLab resonating forest jewel changi airport
teamLab, resonating forest — shiseido forest valley at jewel changi airport, 2019, interactive digitized nature, sound: hideaki takahashi, shiseido
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the installation by teamLab, in partnership with shiseido group, comprises a luminous forest of trees, transforming jewel changi airport into a glowing valley floor. each tree’s light is autonomous and pulsing, shifting colors as visitors pass by and radiating toward neighboring trees. in the same way that light is transmitted between trees, the tone continually permeates and spreads. this color-specific tone changes pitch according to the tree’s elevation along the shiseido forest valley trail. light resonating outward from deep within signifies a presence, serving to enhance one’s awareness of the presence of others within the public realm.

teamLab resonating forest jewel changi airport



teamLab developed the installations through an investigation of the relationship between humans and the world through art. the artwork transforms due to the presence of humans, and this in turn, changes and redefines the relationship between people in the same space. through an immersive interactivity, the installation generates an experience that transcends and blurs the boundaries between people and the artwork, and between the self and others. designed by architect moshe safdie, jewel integrates a wide array of lifestyle offerings including gardens and attractions, over 280 retail and dining options, a hotel and facilities for airport operations.

teamLab resonating forest jewel changi airport teamLab resonating forest jewel changi airport teamLab resonating forest jewel changi airport teamLab resonating forest jewel changi airport teamLab resonating forest jewel changi airport



project info:


project title: resonating forest — shiseido forest valley

design team: teamLab

location: jewel changi airport

collaborator: shiseido travel retail

opening date: june 10th, 2019